Types of wedding ceremonies

There are a lot of wedding types. We will talk about some of them. First of all we have to know that a wedding can include several of the aspects we will talk about. So let’s start:

1. The civil wedding is something very important. It is a special ceremony that is presided by a local civil authority. Most of the civil weddings take place in the city hall. In different countries there are different ceremonies.

2. In some countries there are wedding ceremonies that are called destination weddings.wedding on the beach It is a ceremony that takes place in some nice and lovely place on a holiday or something similar (something like our honeymoon).

3. Another modern way of marriage is the double wedding. Many close friends decide to make a double wedding. In Bulgaria it is not very popular but there are countries where people just love it.

Of course there are many different types of wedding ceremonies. In Bulgaria we celebrate in a special way. The bridegroom must buy a wedding ring for his bride. The most popular rings and gifts are the diamond rings. Every young woman wants to have a beautiful diamond ring. In the jewelers you can find many different models with different diamonds and sizes. And the price depends on the number and the size of the diamonds.

Of course there are a lot of other wedding rings with other kinds of gem stones. They are not so expensive and are beautiful too.

As far as religion is concerned, the weddings can be quite different. For example the Eastern cultures celebrate in a way that we cannot even imagine. In some places the ceremonies continue for several days.

In the present day life there is one very particular kind of wedding. This is the same-sex wedding. In some countries they are forbidden but many people are married to a person of the same sex. In Bulgaria such weddings are not allowed.

Another kind of a wedding that is very interesting is the military wedding. It is a very special ceremony that is conducted in the military chapel.

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