My dream wedding

The wedding is the most exciting event in a man’s life. Boys and girls start thinking of their wedding since their childhood. The girls are more sensitive and they spend much more time than the boys thinking of their wedding, of their diamond rings, of their wedding dress and so on. Some girls have attended weddings so they associate their dreams with the flowers, gifts, dresses and other things from the ceremonies they have seen.

In different countries there are different religions, traditions and manners. So people celebrate their marriage in different ways. In Christianity the man buys a diamond ring (or another kind of ring) for his bride. The couple wed in a church, and also have their civil ceremony dream weddingconducted by a civil authority. In some other religions people celebrate for several days. In India and other Asian countries the wedding ceremonies are great events. There are a lot of guests between a hundred and several thousand people. These weddings are very bright with a lot of colors, decorations and so on. Indians do not give diamond rings but they have a very different tradition from ours.

Of course in the world there are so many cultures that we are not able to talk about all of them. The ceremonies in some small tribes in Africa, for example, are associated with the ancient traditions and beliefs. The life in a tribe is so different from ours that we cannot even imagine how people live. There are no gifts, diamond rings and flowers. People give some ordinary for their life things to the couple. And it is very good if the family has a lot of kids.

Another interesting fact around the wedding ceremonies is that there are many different types of weddings. There are military, civil, same-sex, double, destination, mass and other weddings. In Bulgaria they are not popular but in America there are people who even get married in the company of their pets. So as we said before it is on the culture and the manners of every nation.

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